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November 2008

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Table Setting

[Cheese and wine, November 2008.] I was watching some silly movie the other night that took place in England. The plot was pretty lame (but yes, the couple got together in the end, as they should have) and I don’t remember who was in…

24 November 2008
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[2008 apple sauce, October 2008.] When I was growing up we had in the backyard from roughly June through October (or, some variation of): plums, nectarines, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, walnuts, almonds, apples, many other vegetables during the summer months. Typical to oblivious children, I…

23 November 2008

Friday, On Me

[Saturday snack, August 2008.] Last night I walked home from work, all the way up Market to the art supply store to pick up watercolor paper, and past the library. I thought I’d catch up with the bus eventually but it was such a…

22 November 2008
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On Leftovers

[Soup and cranberry juice, one of my favorite dinners, November 2008.] The trouble with leftovers is that you can get tired of them. Or, at least, I tire of them after awhile. I love making an enormous pot of quinoa-mushroom-spinach chowder, and will eat…

21 November 2008