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November 2008

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[Breakfast in Sebastopol, November 2008.] all is said and done with, the dishes washed and put away, the guests departed and already arriving east, the laundry spinning itself into cleanliness, the tail end of a long holiday weekend is a bit melancholy. Lucky, then,…

30 November 2008
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Post-Thanksgiving Lentil Soup

[In the backyard, November 2008.] Actually, I suppose that should be pre-Thanksgiving lentil soup, because I cooked a big pot of this delicious, vegetable-laden goodness last Tuesday for my office as a little pre-holiday celebration and also to sort of cleanse our palates for…

29 November 2008

What We Ate

devil full movie Thanksgiving 2008 was chilly and grey, but we managed to sit down early-ish at 4p to dinner. Here, a small sampler of the meal: Cranberry margaritas, of course, to start things off. Spanikopita, dolmas, hummus. The bird. Lightly sauteed vegetables. Mushroom…

28 November 2008
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Thanks, and the Giving of

[Wildcat Beach, Pt. Reyes National Seashore, July 2008.] I’m at my parents’ house for the long weekend and the kitchen has been filled up with good smells for days. I worked a half day from home yesterday and then the real work began: I…

27 November 2008
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Pumpkin Pie, Revisited

[Pumpkin pie, for the office, November 2008.] the penguins of madagascar – operation – dvd premiere official trailer In addition to baking biscuits on Sunday afternoon I also baked a pumpkin pie. I thought I’d deviate from my usual — using the recipe on…

26 November 2008