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September 2008

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Things to Like

[On Seawall beach, Maine, September 2008.] For all my ardently proclaimed love of fall, I must recant a little and admit I’m having a few pangs at the season’s shift. Mostly I think I’m not looking forward to the time change (running in the…

30 September 2008
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Simple and Sweet

[From the farmers’ market, September 2008.] Fall is: 90-degree Saturdays in Sebastopol; Sunday afternoons in the backyard with lemonade and cookies, the perfect grilled cheese for lunch; a change in the air that foreshadows the cooler days to come, even though it’s still hot;…

28 September 2008
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[Clouds over Bath, September 2008.] Le fin du weekend: the windows are open, the tree outside my living room is blowing in the strong breeze, there’s classical music on the radio and white beans simmering on the stove for an early dinner, the clouds…

21 September 2008
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Home, With Cookies

[Simos and Lena’s wedding cookies, September 2008.] I’m home. That whooooooosh you might have heard was my sigh of relief at surviving hours on the runway at JFK (and at the Rochester International Airport, where I had the joy of boarding, then waiting, then…

15 September 2008
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Notes from Maine

[Seawall Beach, September 2008.] easy a full video download The last time I was in Maine was four years ago in May, just after my cousin died. It was a hard time: she was just barely 24 years old, and there was a terrible…

10 September 2008