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August 2008


Totally Charmed

[Baltimore this morning, August 2008.] I think I may have feelings for Baltimore. Wait, come back. I still love San Francisco — no, really, I do. But I’m sort of falling in crush with another city by the bay, and it’s making me all…

27 August 2008
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Pears in August

[Pears from Gary, August 2008.] It’s a good thing the Olympics are nearly over, because to be honest, I can’t sustain this lifestyle for too much longer. The other night, I found myself up until nearly midnight watching gymnastics which, let’s face it, is…

22 August 2008
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Saturday Lunch, In Brief

the eagle dvdrip [Lunch, August 2008.] Last night I dashed home from the gallery, where I’d had two (small!) glasses of sparkling wine in quick succession at a closing party, so I could meet my friend for a late dinner. We made: a shallot,…

16 August 2008
baking california sweets


[Plums, July 2008.] It’s true, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of cooking lately. All I seem to want to do is watch the Olympics (swimming! and track is so soon!) and text message and go to the beach and eat cherry plums…

14 August 2008