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July 2008

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Chard, My Love

In food, as in love, when I tend to fall I fall hard. My stomach seizes up in a fierce knot, and I find I have little appetite for anything other than coffee, wine, water, and a few slices of cheese here and there.…

24 July 2008

Sunday Dinners

[Dinner a few weeks ago, July 2008.] I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ll blame this on probably too much coffee consumed during the course of my waking hours, not enough fruit, and a myriad of boring things including When is that person getting…

20 July 2008
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[Dinner, July 2008.] Of course I love to cook, but sometimes I love even more when I don’t have to do so — say when I’ve woken up before 6a, worked most of the day, run 4 miles, and then using what remains of…

14 July 2008
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Fully Caked

[Sliced, July 2008.] Someday I hope to have a real kitchen, one with lots and lots of counter space on which to set all my (sparkling, unblemished, newish) various accouterments while I’m cooking. Then I don’t have to do what I just did: put…

11 July 2008