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June 2008

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That Same Old Song

[Cake for a barbecue, June 2008.] Update: still sickish, though somewhat improving. Thanks for all the well-wishes! Crankiness level is reaching astronomical proportions, however; please send help. And chocolate. I’m a creature of habit, it’s true. Sometimes, in the interest of creativity, or just…

26 June 2008
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I would like to call a do-over on this weekend. I had plans to sleep in, bake some muffins, go to yoga, go to Pt. Reyes, make some phone calls, enjoy some of the deliciously hot weather … but I was waylaid, unexpectedly, by…

22 June 2008
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Sunday Morning Cherry Muffins

[Cherries, June 2008.] I must confess it’s mostly the little things that make up my quiet happinesses: a week of sun, waking up every day except Monday to warmth and light and summer; my near-daily americano, an indulgence at $2/per, with organic milk and…

19 June 2008
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[Logan’s cake, June 2008. Photo by Randy.] The candles are blown out, the wine bottles emptied, and the dishes — hopefully; I didn’t stay to see — put away. Today I went to Armstrong Woods and picnicked under the redwoods, in all their cool,…

15 June 2008
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More Birthdays, and Breakfasts

[On the agenda this weekend, June 2008.] This morning for breakfast I had my favorite Blue Bottle americano and two slices of Acme whole wheat walnut bread, toasted, and with a smear of butter. Yes please. Can’t every day be Friday? If it were,…

13 June 2008