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May 2008


Hotter than Hot

[Market flowers, May 2008.] Yesterday felt like summer vacation. I arrived back to San Francisco from Austin, TX, where I’d spent three days for a work trip, to a blazingly hot day — so hot, in fact, that when I got out of the…

17 May 2008

For Mum

[Strawberry ice cream, April 2008.] The first fall after I graduated college, I went to hear a lecture by Isabel Allende, who was speaking to a packed crowd at a book signing in downtown DC. The summer before, on my first trip to Greece,…

11 May 2008
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Eating Appropriately

[Spring’s first green beans, from the Fillmore market, May 2008.] May, you fickle thing, I don’t think I like this cold spell. For some reason, you’ve decided to burst onto the scene with chilly mornings and even chillier afternoons, never mind that summer is…

8 May 2008
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Today is for

[Afternoon tea, May 2008.] – Drinking tea-without-milk, because we are out of soy milk and all dairy products. I think I could get used to it … maybe. – Eating the first strawberries of the season, from my first neighborhood farmers’ market visit of…

5 May 2008

Birthdays and Baked Goods

[Michael’s birthday cake, May 2008.] I’ve said it before, but it’s true: birthdays call for cake, and a bit of spoiling. So tonight, to celebrate my dear M‘s birthday, we took ourselves all the way down to Fort Mason to watch the sun set…

2 May 2008