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May 2008

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Vitalized, Organic

There are a few California writers I especially wish I’d been able to meet. John Steinbeck probably tops my small list; one summer, when when we — my brother and I — drove back from a camping trip in the Yosemite back country, we…

29 May 2008
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Tea, and Me

This morning dawned, again, gray and cool. It was the kind of morning that makes you want to stay in and drink tea by the pot-full, sitting close by a fire and wearing lots of warm sweaters and wool socks. Welcome, summer? Well, anyway.…

27 May 2008
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A Few Good Dinners

[Dinner the other night, May 2008.] OK, so I lied. I did soak beans the other day, but we didn’t actually eat them that same night. While they plumped up crisp and delicious, when the time came for dinner I honestly just … did…

22 May 2008

Tuesday Pictorial

Not so much about food today, but here it is: – All I felt like doing today after work was to go home and play with my camera, so I did do that in the one hour I had between arriving home and heading…

20 May 2008
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Saturday Night Soup

[Weekend bread and cheese, May 2008.] So a couple of weekends ago I made this soup. It wasn’t fancy — in fact, was decidedly un-fancy — but because this is a strange place sometimes, and it was freezing cold on a Saturday eve despite…

19 May 2008