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April 2008

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All the Time in the World

Every so often you need a weekend of doing nothing. You need to eat cookies and drink cold lemonade for hours in the backyard with your book (in my case “The Other Boleyn Girl,” continuing my mild Tudors obsession), getting a little bit of…

29 April 2008
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Eating Spring

[Spring flowers, April 2008.] When T.S. Eliot called April the ‘cruellest month’ ( breeding/ Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/ Memory and desire, stirring/ Dull roots with spring rain) I think he did it a disservice. True, clouds are hovering over San Francisco…

23 April 2008
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The Best Laid Plans

[The table tonight, April 2008.] I had such good intentions — really, I did. But then Friday was lost to a cooking frenzy, and Saturday disappeared in a blur of sleeping late, cleaning the house, going for a blowy run, and then an afternoon…

20 April 2008
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The Turn of the Seasons

[Iris along the trail, March 2008.] Two years out, I’m still re-learning what it’s like to live in the Bay Area. When I lived in DC, and would talk to people who had lived in Northern California, the main thing they always mentioned was…

15 April 2008

Coffee: a Fixation

[My morning salvation, Octobre 2007.] There are few things in life as perfect as a good cup of coffee — oh, a good night’s sleep or, say, falling in love come pretty close, but for those of us who appreciate a decent cup of…

11 April 2008