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March 2008

baking sweets

Peanut Butter Cookies

I love peanut butter, and I love cookies, so what could be better than peanut butter cookies? Not much, I’ll tell you what. Now, some may call these beauties plain, or even dull, but I would argue that plain isn’t necessarily a bad thing.…

28 March 2008
baking california holidays vegetarian

What I Did this Weekend

Baked. Ate (a lot). Went for a hike. Slept (a lot). Got some sun. Played with dogs. Washed a truck. Ran into a friend and her mom in town. Saw a movie. Ate an enormous sundae (shared). Drank a little bit of wine. More,…

25 March 2008
california nostalgia

Two Years On

California, je t’aime. Two years ago today I got on a plane in the early-morning hours with a one way ticket on Jet Blue headed for Oakland. I had two bags, crammed with all the things I hadn’t already shipped, a boyfriend, and a…

20 March 2008
baking holidays nostalgia travels

To St. Pat, with Cake

[Guinness chocolate cake, with Guinness, March 2008.] Otherwise known as “amateur night” by certain parties, St. Patrick’s Day to me is soda bread, Altan, Joyce’s Ulysses, which I attempt to battle through every few years or so (it never quite works; I think I…

17 March 2008
running vegetarian

Dinner, Toute Seule

[Dinner tonight, March 2008.] Today was one of those days where I swear I looked up and didn’t know where the time had gone. I slept in very late, which was probably part of it, and ran 10-11 miles (can’t be exactly sure, since…

15 March 2008