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February 2008

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I forget how February can be here — warm, sun-filled, with a gentle breeze. The hills are green after last month’s rain, but many of the trees are still bare. I remember one Valentine’s Day, my last year of high school, driving home along…

13 February 2008
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On Dinner Parties

Oh, I dearly love a dinner party — every single facet of it, from menu planning to wine pouring to setting the table. I’ve said before I could throw one every night and — truly — I almost wish I could. Even if just…

8 February 2008
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Hellas, again

[Weekend lunch, January 2008.] When I have just a bit of bread with olive oil, or hummus, I always think of my friend Simon, because he is a bread-lover in the extreme. Last spring, when he and his wife came to visit me and…

3 February 2008