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February 2008

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Lentil Soup, Lightly Spiced

OK, so maybe I lied a little. I did make something new the other night, though admittedly it was a riff on something I’d made before: a lentil soup/stew. Let me backtrack. Last week I ordered a ‘mystery box’ from Mariquita Farms, knowing there…

29 February 2008

Oh, February

Today I went to the Ferry Building and bought cupcakes, because sometimes, you just have to. Miette was crowded, and when it was my turn I bravely marched up to the counter and ordered six (locals, please do not mentally calculate how much that…

26 February 2008
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My parents used to live in Colorado — Boulder, to be exact — and I like to think if some trick of fate had gone differently, I would have been born there, instead of along the Pacific. How different life could have been! I…

21 February 2008
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Good morning, sunshines! On this day of days, the sun is blazing down, and I’m off to a fancy luncheon in a few hours; but in the meantime, I can’t help but want to wish you a very sweet day full of love and…

14 February 2008