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January 2008

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Just Peachy

Do you remember the best peach you ever had? I do, and it was fantastic. Of course, we’re on the cusp of February, and right now peaches are nowhere to be found, despite my longings for them. It’s been alternately gray or drizzly for…

31 January 2008
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Banana + Peanut Butter

I forgot what nine miles is like: hard. The first half is all sweet and lovely, going along at a good clip and looking up at the birds, with a nice little downward slope at the end leading to the beach (the view, too,…

26 January 2008

Happiness Is

[Requisite Pacific Ocean shot, January 2008.] There’s been some happiness talk going round lately, which in turn makes me happy, because I love thinking about good things. It’s like when you cook something you’ve never made before, and it turns out to be some…

22 January 2008
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Springtime in January

A few times a year I have an almost physical longing for spring, heightened on days (like Sunday) when the weather behaves very unseasonably and foreshadows what’s to come. I feel the warming wind coming off the sea, see the bright sun blazing down…

17 January 2008
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The New York Times front page story today broke my heart a little bit — this coming on the heels of “Atonment” last night — which, though a tiny bit over-dramatic, was as affecting and beautiful as the book — and while I hate…

13 January 2008