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‘Tis the Season

… for stress and baking. What? I think they go together, at least sometimes (the real question being, of course: does baking alleviate stress or does baking cause the stress? Discuss!). It’s also the season for allowing oneself to take a break, even if…

15 December 2007
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Menu for Hope 2007

Menu For Hope is an annual fundraiser put together by food bloggers around the globe to raise money for a world cause — the U.N. World Food Programme, and this year a school lunch program in Lesotho, Africa — which runs December 10-24. For…

12 December 2007

Thursday Night Pasta and Poetry

Another run in the rain, this time colder and faster than the last. My shoes and shirt were sopping by the time I made it home, and after a very hot shower to warm up again, the only thing I wanted was to drink…

7 December 2007
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Latkes, Darling

Well, the Times agrees: babka is worth the effort, just like I wroteabout the other day. The crumbs from my efforts have long since been swept away, but the memory lingers; I think I’ll be baking another few loaves in the coming weeks. For…

5 December 2007
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Of Babka and the Cold North

[Babka for Thanksgiving, November 2007.] Poised on the last day of November for the quick slip-side into the madness of the season (for me, the true holiday period begins in December), it’s chilly here in San Francisco — we Californians would call it cold,…

30 November 2007