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November 2007

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End of Season

[Happy Boy Farm tomatoes, summer 2007] The Fillmore Farmers’ Market — my neighborhood market — closes this weekend for the season, and I’m sad! I’ll just say it plain: I love having a market within walking distance; I love the gorgeous live jazz played…

15 November 2007
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Rainy Day Lasagna

[Rain on the road, October 2007.] We runners are a funny bunch. On a chilly, drippy day like today, most sane people would be curled up inside with a book and a cup of tea, or stirring a pot of soup, letting the house…

10 November 2007
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Weekend Snaps

[Sun at Limantour, November 2007] Today is a day heavy on the coffee because I woke up early this morning to talk to NPR a little bit about my quinoa-love. And by “early” I mean “5:10 a.m.,” which, well … I don’t know about…

5 November 2007
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Chasing Summer

{Spetses, view from the road, August 2007.] November first: San Francisco is grey, and a little chilly, and the fog swirled around the buildings along California street very prettily this morning, almost as if it was preparing to be photographed (I didn’t). Last night…

1 November 2007