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November 2007

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Of Babka and the Cold North

[Babka for Thanksgiving, November 2007.] Poised on the last day of November for the quick slip-side into the madness of the season (for me, the true holiday period begins in December), it’s chilly here in San Francisco — we Californians would call it cold,…

30 November 2007
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Quinoa, for Health

Remember how I wrote that article for NPR about quinoa? And how surprised I was that so many people also share the quinoa-love (it’s still hanging in there in the top-emailed story list, nearly a month later)? Well, now I feel like I’ve totally…

26 November 2007
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Giving Thanks (and Pear Cake)

[Bodega Head, December 2006.] Each year on Thanksgiving I can’t help but reflect on the things for which I’m particularly grateful. Today, I feel very thankful for – This beautiful place in which I live — in all its bright sun and crashing ocean,…

22 November 2007
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Setting the Scene

[Table setting, August 2007.] A good meal needs a good presentation, which is why I often spend at least 10 minutes thinking about what dish ware to put on the table to make it look nice. (I suppose 10 minutes really isn’t that much…

20 November 2007