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October 2007

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All Hallows

Round about the cauldron go;In the poison’d entrails throwToad, that under cold stoneDays and nights has thirty-oneSwelter’d venom sleeping got,Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot … Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf,Witches’ mummy, maw and gulfOf the ravin’d salt-sea shark,Root of hemlock digg’d…

31 October 2007

Beaucoup de Pommes

[Canning, messily, October 2007] Tuesday night, nearly 11 p.m.: I am standing at the stove watching the last few jars of applesauce bubble themselves away to sterilization, cursing the ambitiousness that had me take four boxes of apples home from Inverness last week. I’m…

25 October 2007

Saturday Mixed-Bag

[Farmer’s market haul: basil, strawberries (I know they’re out of season but they were organic and $2/basket so there was just no way I couldn’t get some), red peppers, butternut squash, salad greens, 1/2 doz. organic eggs, eggplant, green beans, corn, October 2007] A…

20 October 2007
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We Should All Eat More Cake

Shouldn’t we? For it is comfort and light and sweetness and heft all wrapped up tidily (or messily, depending on preference) into a delicious-smelling packet. A day that includes cake is always a good one. So I suppose it follows that I don’t believe…

17 October 2007
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The Perfect Sandwich?

Yes, it does exist, and it’s made by the Acme Bread Company at the SF Ferry Building. It’s composed of: “rustic Acme baguette”Mt. Tam triple creme, from Cowgirl Creameryquince pastearugulablack pepper I was down there today doing some very important birthday shopping, and I…

9 October 2007