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September 2007

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An Apple Pie Kind of Day

Nicole’s Apple Pies Originally uploaded by pixelrandy Today seems like a day John Steinbeck would have loved — it is cloudy with drifting fog and the sun, while struggling to get through, can’t quite make it. I’m not sure why I feel it’s so…

8 September 2007

My Favorite Things

{Dinner and a book, June 2007] Two things I love are books and food (or, reading and cooking). So it makes sense that I especially love books — and not necessarily cookbooks — about food. I think I actually prefer books whose characters are…

4 September 2007

Food of the Gods

Saturday, slow and sweet. The first week back after a vacation is always the hardest, but luckily I have a piece in the Chron today to ease the transition into a lovely long weekend. Today has been one of those sort of gloriously empty…

1 September 2007