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September 2007

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Couscous Salad, Unexpectedly

[Santa Monica, September 2007] I went down to Santa Monica last weekend for a little art show viewing at a fab gallery and requisite beach time (of course). Who knew Southern California was so mellow, with such an endless, sunny beach? I certainly did…

27 September 2007

Challah’s Back!

The holidays have come and gone, and a half-loaf of my challah bread remains, frozen solid for consumption as French toast some weekend morning. Anyway, I must be a bit vain here and boldly state that this challah was one of the best I’ve…

25 September 2007
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Timeless (and, pistachios)

[The Med, August 2007.] Unrelatedly: I have a piece in the Chron today. But back to the good stuff: my Grecian adventure. I think one of the reasons I came back from Greece filled to the brim with joy at its very existence was…

20 September 2007

New Year, New Potato

I’m not Jewish, but someone very close to me is, and I have lots and lots of friends who are, too. So what this means is, I inevitably celebrate the major holidays as they roll around (my favorite is Chanukah, of course, because latkes,…

14 September 2007

Food for the Times

[Banana loaf, September 2007] Six years ago the world collapsed and turned into itself, and nothing has been the same since. Can it really be six years? It’s hard to fathom — life has bowled on at its usual pace; that the sun can…

11 September 2007