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August 2007


On Shopping Abroad

[Spetses, Old Harbour] I’ve been a very lucky girl in the past two years: I’ve traveled to Greece (Thessaloníki, Halkidiki, and the mountains), Norway (Oslo, the mountains, and the southern coast), Iceland (Reykjavik), and Greece again! And I’m not (yet) completely broke! secretariat download…

30 August 2007

The Island Life

I slipped under Greece’s skin this time round — and it under mine — so effortlessly I am still a little bewildered that I am now back in my lovely (and shining clean!) apartment in San Francisco rather than toasting my toes on a…

24 August 2007


The thing I forget every time is how clear the Mediterranean is, and how warm. Arrived to Athens Tuesday morning, and made it (with my brother’s help) to the island via a ferry from Piraeus. I have five minutes on the internet left, so…

17 August 2007

Greece Tomorrow

I’m off, very (very) early tomorrow morning for Spetses, by way of Atlanta and Athens. My backpack is packed, my camera is loaded with fresh batteries, my books are selected, and I’m ready for nine days of sun and sand. Though I didn’t even…

12 August 2007
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A Very Plummy Dessert

[The table, set for eight] Saturday morning dawned early and grey, and I ran out for a bit into the gloom for breakfast, the paper, and a trip to the farmers’ market. I worried a little about fitting eight people around my table, but…

8 August 2007