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July 2007


Sometimes, That’s All it Takes

[Saturday lunch, July 2007] I’m often starving after — and during — my runs, and all I can think of, really, is: veggie burger, cheese, avocado. Imagine me chanting this to myself as I make the turn down my street, and you will have…

14 July 2007

French on the 4th of July

Bastille Day is rapidly approaching (this Saturday, for those keeping track), and I for one will be celebrating with a bottle of French wine. I’m not throwing a party this year, or even making a meal française , but I do think I will…

11 July 2007

All I Want for Christmas …

I have been a baking fool lately. Last week, a good friend of mine arrived in the States from his post in Jerusalem to spend some time at home on the Cape (sigh …), so of course I had to make him some treats…

9 July 2007


Tomorrow marks an experiment I fervently hope will be successful: grilling salmon and veggie kebabs on a mini portable grill. Merci to Crate and Barrel for this marvelous invention (and at only $30!) — it is just large enough to, I hope, fit a…

3 July 2007