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July 2007


Saturday Lunch in Pictures

[Spinach salad with grape and cherry tomatoes, lemon cucumber, strawberries, hard-boiled egg and toasted bread with radishes and butter, July 2007] All from the Fillmore St. Farmer’s Market on a very blowy, sunny, late-July afternoon … [Toasted whole wheat sunflower bread with butter, radishes,…

28 July 2007
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Good Eats (and a mystery package)

[Farmers’ market dinner, July 2007 ] I received an unexpected surprise the other day: a box containing two books (one, love letters between F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald — oh, you do know me, whoever you are) and a journal perfect for writing down…

26 July 2007

In Season

Tuesday afternoons after work are for listening to Beethoven on the classical station and watching the clouds stream past the windows very quickly on their way over to the East Bay. From where I sit at my table, I can see the tops of…

25 July 2007

Baby Chard? Oh Yes, Oh Yum

[Baby chard from the Fillmore farmers’ market, July 2007] The other day in San Francisco it rained and yesterday was cool and breezy, almost fall-like; this morning (very early) there was an earthquake! Strange days, to be sure. But rather than try to figure…

21 July 2007
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Soup, Bean

[Onion and garlic for soup, June 2007] As most vegetarians know, beans are an essential part of the meat-free diet. Loaded with protein and calcium, beans are beautiful churned into hummus, sauteed with garlic and seasonable greens, or boiled into soups. Lately I’ve been…

17 July 2007