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June 2007



[Presents! from the Ferry Building, June 2007] I got a piece of rather spectacular news the other day, but I’m going to hold on to it a bit until I have something more concrete to show for it. Needless to say, an already gold-star…

15 June 2007

Learning to Love You

Of the fruits Nicole Previously Didn’t Like (TM), grapefruit probably topped the list. Wait — tops. I’m still not completely convinced. I once read a book where one of the characters tells her lover that she knew a lot about him the first time…

13 June 2007

Ciao, Arreviderci, Buh-bye

This Sunday I will be racing back from Sonoma County in hopes of making it home by 9p to order Little Star pizza and watch the final episode (say it ain’t so!) of the “Sopranos” on HBO. This may seem a bit over-zealous, given…

8 June 2007

A Baking Frenzy

[Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, June 2007] What better to do on a Tuesday night than stay up until nearly 11p making cookies? I can think of little else that is as satisfying — except if you add on baking a loaf of banana-walnut bread and…

6 June 2007

The Sweetest Thing

Things lately making me especially happy: a new book, discovered at random at the library (Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch); a good run; a new pair of summer shoes; the imminent return of Big Love; learning the Greek name for this blog is “kouzina…

5 June 2007