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June 2007


Greece, Baby!

[Spetses harbor, photo by Kurt ] It’s official. I’m going. In a little over a month. And I will hopefully see these views many, many times … Also, I plan to swim a lot, sleep, read, try not to think about how exorbitant my…

29 June 2007

Pesto and Sugar Snaps

Basil, pungent and sweet, waits for me again this week at the markets. If I were not afraid of falling into a dull pattern I might do again what I did last week: turn it into green, glorious pesto. [Though maybe I will, anyhow…

26 June 2007

To the Fields

How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer’s pride. — Wllm. Blake It’s my season, at last. Oh, today was a lovely day. A luxurious sleep-in until 9.30, then breakfast, then a trip to the newly discovered Fillmore Street…

23 June 2007


First things first: I’ve started a little recipe collection here (a link is to the right, as well) that’s pretty slim at the moment, but will grow in time! Just like all those summer gardens … Which leads me to second things second: fava…

22 June 2007

Unexpected Bounty

[Starting out on the Tomales Point trail, June 2007] I have had a string of quite delicious days lately — a party on Sunday, with an old friend, lots of good cheese, and gin and tonics in the West Marin sun; a 9-mile hike…

20 June 2007