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May 2007


Salmon, and a Reminisence

[Mother’s Day Salmon, May 13, 2007] Two years ago on Memorial Day weekend, I threw a dinner party to rival all dinner parties I’d ever thrown before. It was a sort of celebration for many of us who had worked (and sweated!) together at…

29 May 2007

When Life Hands You Cherries …

[Upside-down cherry cake, May 2007] I’ll just get this out of the way: I love cheese. Love, love, love it. I like a thin slice of cheddar on a piece of crisp apple, smoked Gouda and avocado piled atop toast, or a wedge of…

23 May 2007

Salad, Simple and Sweet

I’d like to go into detail about the scrumptious vegan cornmeal-cherry upside-down cake I made as part of a vegan dinner party on Saturday night, but as I’ve already written about upside-down cakes once in the last week I will hold off for the…

21 May 2007

Once More, for Luck

[Angel food cake reprise, with kiwi] Hey, Sfist, thanks for mentioning me yesterday in the weekly food blog roundup! If only I had hot gossip about da mayor to report, to return the favor … watch charlie st. cloud film stream…

18 May 2007


Back when I worked at Reuters, I had an odd schedule that often had me working the late shift on New Year’s Eve. This meant that if I was lucky, I could get out of there just in time to make it home by…

17 May 2007