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March 2007


Cooking o’ the Green

Moscail do mhisneach a Banbha! Today, the American St. Patrick’s Day, is appropriately grey and chilly here in San Francisco. It makes me think of Dublin, where I spent an all-too-brief, all-too-frigid July weekend five years ago. I had a small cold, so could…

17 March 2007

Consider the Word

Isn’t it funny how one’s choice of words can really cause something to sound even better than it is? For example: tomorrow night I shall make a dish that involves caramelized onions. Oh, how pretty those must be! It makes me think of a…

15 March 2007

Satisfying the Soul

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of digging deep, engaging in the sort of internal dialogue that raises questions such as What is my purpose on this great green planet and What is this here, and now? These kind of grapplings leave one with…

8 March 2007

Sunday Dinner

Sometimes dinner comes together quickly, effortlessly and deliciously simple in its ingredients. It can be surprising how paring down the amount of herbs or extraneous additions can really make the flavors shine out. They are really tasted. Last night, for example, I tossed a…

5 March 2007

Cupcakes and Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! A true choc-a-holic, this one’s for her. Perfect Light and Fluffy Frosting (adapted from 4 oz. unsweetened (or bittersweet) chocolate, chopped3 cups confectioners’ sugar1 stick butter or margarine2-3 Tbs. [soy] milk, plus more, if needed1 tsp. vanilla extract1…

1 March 2007