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February 2007


Love Letter to

Lately I find myself in love with the smell of places: the sharp, bay-leaf infused air of Pt. Reyes, the stinging, salty sea-smell of the Pacific, the loamy, soil-rich fragrance that marks Sonoma County. Scent and memory are, for me, intertwined, and Northern California…

14 February 2007

The Sacred Crop

Whenever I travel, I never eat as well as I’d like: I must admit I often give in to the easy allure of cheese, drink lots of coffee to combat jetlag, and forgo my usual breakfast oatmeal for bagels. But now I’m in San…

13 February 2007

Will Run for Food

Yesterday I awoke in the dark early-morning hours to run my third half-marathon in a year. It was a beautiful day — warm and sunny — and the course took us through Golden Gate Park down to the Great Ocean Highway for about five…

5 February 2007

Le Frère on Expedition

[photo by simos] February blows in with a grey day and the promise of rain, but I am far from Northern California today and so I hardly notice the chill. I had planned to write about a delicious soup I made the other night…

1 February 2007