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February 2007


Orange You Lovely

Though the Academy Awards were a bit dull this year (this year?), their occurrence was nonetheless a nice way to pass an early Sunday evening. And, for someone like me, they were also a good excuse to do a little cooking, and a little…

27 February 2007

Adventures in Pancake-Making

Saturday mornings were pancake-mornings when I was growing up; my dad used to make his special recipe — incorporating oats, honey and cornmeal — for pancakes almost every weekend, and we clamored for them when he was out of town. In season, he would…

22 February 2007

More on that Whole Vegetarian Thing …

Finally, a column dedicated to vegetarian cooking has been introduced in the San Francisco Chronicle. Not to belabor the point, but I am especially pleased by this addition to the Food section as I’ve oft longed for writers to focus solely on the vegetarian…

21 February 2007

Vegan is as Vegan Does

Recipe for a perfect Sunday: sleep in, go for a run, then go for lunch with two lovely friends at Herbivore, an all-vegan restaurant on nearby Divis. We ranged from vegetarian to mostly-vegetarian-but-sometimes-also-fish, and stalwart vegan to vegan-with-cheese-occasionally, but no matter each individual’s predilection…

19 February 2007

Valentine’s Past and Present

Last year I baked a rich chocolate cake and served my wonderful girlfriends a leek soup, salmon steaks, asparagus, and wild rice with spinach. We paired sparkling wine with brie du champignons, and toasted each other with framboise whilst sampling the cake. There was…

15 February 2007