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January 2007


Plain and Simple (with butter and jam)

Every year around this time I begin longing for spring, and this week the longing is particularly excruciating because San Francisco is experiencing a warm spell that teases and tantalizes its residents with memories of long August nights and the odd September weekend during…

9 January 2007

That Elusive Spice

Any day I am able to listen to National Public Radio’s “Thistle and Shamrock” program is a good day, and when I am cooking whilst doing so the experience is made even sweeter. Listening to Fiona Ritchie talk about the highlands in her thick…

6 January 2007

A New Season

This time of year we are full of virtuous promises: I resolve to be tidier and to not throw my sweater over the armchair instead of hanging it neatly in the closet; to be more vigilant about returning phone calls; to at least contemplate…

5 January 2007