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January 2007


Melksjokolade Decadence

((or, an enduring love affair with the dark bean)) Gourmet snuck in a little recipe on its February table of contents that immediately caught my eye: Milk Chocolate Pudding, lightly tossed with whipped cream. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that…

29 January 2007

Birth-day, Cake

Today is my grandmother’s birthday, and she is 87-years-old! A child of the roaring 20s, she was born in Jersey City, N.J., where she still lives. A notoriously sensitive eater, this jam-and-butter cake is something she could actually nibble at and enjoy enormously. I…

25 January 2007

Comfort Among the Pots and Pans

Last night when I was cooking dinner I thought of Banana Yoshimoto’s book Kitchen, about a girl who moves in with a friend after the death of her grandmother. She sleeps on a couch in their living room near the kitchen, where she feels…

23 January 2007

To Roast Thee is to Love Thee

My dear dressed-up cabbage flaunting your best Sunday attire, How do I love you, little cauliflower? Oh, there are many, many ways: I love you for your delicious, crumbly gratins baked for an hour in the oven on Friday evenings; I love your Monday…

18 January 2007

Hopefully not R.I.P.

Manka’s burned over Christmas and things in Inverness may never be the same. The inn and restaurant was visited by celebrities and locals alike — but what made it stand out was owner Margaret Grade’s use of produce and ingredients from within a 15-mile…

11 January 2007