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November 2006


Scraping the Bottom

A former room mate of mine had a book titled “What to Eat When there’s Nothing in the House for Dinner” (or something similarly labeled). We were in college then, subsisting on a stipend from our parents and the pittance netted from various part-time…

30 November 2006

Day of Feasting

Thanksgiving 2006 — the first time I’d be spending the holiday in California in a decade — dawned bright and clear and crisp. All day long it felt like a holiday, perhaps because of the weather, but most certainly because of all the cooking…

28 November 2006

Amusing the Palate?

This article in the New York Times from a few months ago (I think it is restricted-acess for Times subscribers; sorry) about amuse-bouches at first had me thinking the phenomenon is just another “foodie trend.” Who would make small-scale tastes of soup and little…

22 November 2006

Harvesting Fall

This morning I have been gorging on the online Thanksgiving ideas offered by the food sections of Washington Post, NY Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle (my winner: the Chronicle, because it includes a vegetarian menu on its site that is not composed of…

15 November 2006

Cheese and Wine

There are few things I love as much as I love a cheese plate — before it became ever so fashionable here in the States, I was serving up platters of miscellaneous fermented cow’s milk to my friends (and they’d like it) even if…

12 November 2006