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October 2006


Inspiration Comes From …

Michael Bauer recently reported on Thomas Keller’s “temporary” restaurant in Yountville, and the description of one night’s menu proved yet again the man makes food beautiful — the meal included an heirloom tomato salad fresh from the French Laundry garden and made-that-morning mozzarella; tri-tip…

30 October 2006

Tea and Sympathy

The first – and only – time I went to Ireland, I stumbled through a grey Dublin morning with my best friend in search of a place to breakfast. I was a bit shocked by the many, many men perched on their pub stools…

24 October 2006

Birthday Decadence

Today’s observation is that organic bananas really do taste better than conventional ones, and are worth the few extra pennies that make up the price difference. They always seem to melt more gently in the mouth, and are more tender. For my 28th birthday…

18 October 2006

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Roast ‘Em

A confession is in order on this grey day: when I made the switch to a vegetarian diet lo those many years ago, I wasn’t overly fond of vegetables. I had my standbys, including potatoes, corn, spinach, and the occasional salad. My brother used…

13 October 2006

Summer is a Piece of Cake

I’ve never lived in San Francisco before, and rarely even spent summer days in this city by the bay when I did manage to steal away for a few weeks to visit California in late August. In Sonoma County, summers are hotter, drier, and…

11 October 2006