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September 2006


Summer Salad

Tonight it is very warm in San Francisco, so I made this: I made it a lot last fall when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon, and it hit just the spot after some of my long runs. And it’s quite simple…

21 September 2006


Two of my dear friends got married in Yosemite this weekend and I wanted to do a little something special for them as a gift. A few years ago I made a cookbook for my dad — a compilation of (mostly) my own low-fat…

18 September 2006

Day of Days

Today is a day to think, and to remember, and to do quiet, productive, and life-nourishing things. I am working on a cookbook as my gift for a friend’s wedding this weekend, and came across this recipe that I think is perfect for fall,…

12 September 2006

Oatmeal for Grey Mornings

Whenever I eat oatmeal I think of horses. I loved them passionately with all the love a girl can hold in her heart, and read many a tome about them (when I finally went to Assateague Island, I felt as though I’d already been…

8 September 2006


Sadly, my other blog died, with no explanation, so I am relocating here. Perhaps now I wil finally be able to have a fun design, and incorporate photos, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I lost last…

7 September 2006