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March 2006


Moving on

I am moving, and thus must sell off most of the furniture, including my most beautiful and beloved table. For four years it has stood quietly shining in the afternoon light in my little apartment, and has buoyed up countless dinner parties. Sadly, I…

11 March 2006

Last days

Pick-me-up dinner for a friend: Mushroom/cheese ravioli (not homemade, but organic!)Tomato/garlic/onion/herbs/wine sauceRoasted asparagus with parmesanSpinach saladStrawberries and mini milano cookies for dessert The asparagus was on sale, and actually very good for it being not-quite-in-season. This is one of my favorite ways to make…

10 March 2006

In Relation to

moving, and emptying the cupboards, what does one do when there’s not much in the larder? Baked tofu with wild rice and steamed broccoli (Sunday night dinner): One package extra firm tofu, pressed for 30 minutes or so.Marinade: tahini, soy sauce, some wild beach…

7 March 2006