I set Sierra up in the front room (still sans couch in there, because HHE is not even arriving into country until the end of the month) with Marty Stouffer -- please tell me someone else here watched his show during childhood! -- so I could do some cooking, not even so much because she'd get in the way but because she'd be majorly angsting over every little thing E is doing (SIGH). Anyway, that's baked chicken for them, loads of veggies to roast for me (I'll share), apple and pear slices baked w cinnamon for the little one, plus pear sauce on the stove, too. Not even as much as I'd like to be doing today but, see: 5:45 am wake up. Loooooong day over here. But veggies and my book are on the horizon in a couple of hours.

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